The Stranger in the Cup

a 96-page illustrated book by Gregory White and catherine yronwode

“I always planned to write a book for the Lucky Mojo Curio Company but to be able to co-author with the amazing catherine yronwode was a double-treat!” – Gregory

Tasseomancy or Tea Leaf Reading is probably as old as the invention of drinking cups. Some claim it originated in China, but it seems to have been native to Scotland, Ireland, and England before trade with China developed, and came to America with the earliest settlers. Learn how to select a cup, how to choose and brew your tea, and how to give a tasseomantic reading — with a full dictionary of more than 750 tea leaf images, plus 36 sample cup interiors, showing what symbols the leaves may reveal. Plus, you will learn the history of tea, the history of tea-leaf reading, the history of the special tea cups marked for cartomancy, numerology, and astrology readings (and how to collect them), as well as the history of the woman-led Tea Room Movement that made tea-leaf reading the preferred fortune-telling method of the Female Suffrage Crusade. Profusely illustrated, beautifully laid out, and deeply descriptive, this is a book to treasure or to share with a special friend.



Who Transmitted This Knowledge?
The History of Tea
The History of Tea-Leaf Reading 1
The Rise of the Tea Room
Tea Tales and Beliefs
Tea Cup Reading in Art and Advertising
Choosing The Perfect Tea Blend For Tasseography
How To Brew Tea
Finding The Perfect Cup
Go Alongs
Plain Cups
Fortune-Telling Cups
Symbol Cup
Cartomantic Cup
Setting The Mood For a Reading
Reading for Yourself
Reading for an absent friend
Serving the Sitter (Matching Cup for Reader and Sitter)
What Happens in a Tea Leaf Reading 47
Reading in the Cup, Reading in the Saucer
Turning the Cup to Read,
Turning the Cup for Good Luck
Space and Time Within the Cup
Home and Away
In the Clear, in the Thick
From Rim to Bottom 1/4
How Often to Read, How Far Can You See?
Difficulty of representing 3-D; Reading negative spaces)
Intuition or Tradition?
Tea Leaf symbols in the cup
Putting It Together: Combining Tea Symbols with Cup Symbols
Astrology in the Cup
Numerology in the Cup
Cartomancy in the Cup
The Day of the Reading, days of the week
Cup Examples

First Edition 2020

Published by
The Lucky Mojo Curio Company
6632 Covey Road
Forestville, California 95436