Papa Gee’s Hoodoo Herbal

Papa Gee’s Hoodoo Herbal
The Magic of Herbs, Roots, and Minerals in the Hoodoo Tradition

A quick reference guide to 124 different herbs, roots, minerals, and ingredients and how they are used in the Hoodoo tradition.

40 pages – bound, 2nd edition

Excerpt: “Almost all seasoned practitioners of magic will tell you that using all natural ingredients is of utmost importance. Artificial fragrances and substances have no place in serious ritual or spiritual practice because they contain zero 
life-force. Herbs, roots, and real essential oils carry with them the heart of the plant they come from, its very essence.

This is the very foundation of what is known as ‘sympathetic magic.’ Sympathetic magic, also known as imitative magic or homeopathic magic, is magic that is based on imitation or correspondence — or both. Imitation is the idea that one thing can represent another thing and, by proxy, stand in its place.”