Lenormand Basics – How to Read Lenormand Cards for Beginners

With a method that is down-to-earth and easy to understand, Lenormand cards answer the questions we all wonder about – love, money, career, family, and what happens next. With over 65 illustrations showing Lenormand cards past and present, Lenormand Basics delivers more information than any beginner or seasoned reader could possibly need. This practical manual of cartomancy will have you reading for others with Lenormand cards in no time.

• History of Lenormand cards
• Who was Marie Lenormand?
• Detailed meaning of each card
• How Lenormand cards are read
• The Grand Tableau and other card spreads
• Showcase of antique Lenormand and cartomancy cards

Excerpt – “The main way Lenormand differs from Tarot is that each card has a very straightforward meaning. They address the meat and bones of what is going on in your life, leaving the psychological aspects for the Tarot to figure out. Through their universal symbols, Lenormand represents our path in life and the hardships we sometimes have to endure. There are matters of money, betrayal, choosing the right path, deception, planning for the future, love, communication, commitment, and settling down – just to name a few.”