Hex Appeal – How to Cast Dark Spells of Revenge, Cursing, and Damnation

It takes skill, dedication, and a little bit of hate to curse someone. Hexes have been a part of human culture for as long as there has been a belief in the supernatural, gods, and magic. We will explore how curses have ruined people’s lives, from peasants to kings to movie stars. This book will introduce you to the basics of how to perform a hex that will torment your enemies. Learn how to get them out of your life, ruin their sex drive, lose all their money, shut up a liar, or bring them under your control. The last chapters cover removing dark spells, protection, and cleansing magic. Over 50 spells of revenge including coffin box spells, freezer spells, and enchanting dolls. Not for the faint of heart.

• Curses Around the World
• Banishing Rituals
• Revenge Spells
• Sexuality Curses
• Love Life Hexes
• Financial Ruin Jinxes
• Bad Luck Spells
• Laying Baneful Tricks
• Warding Off Evil
• Protection Spells

Authentic hexes and curses found in witchcraft, hoodoo, and granny magic reworked for today’s spell caster along with some original spells. As humans, we crave justice when we have been wronged. When the system does not offer that justice, some turn to magic to get results. Learn what herbs and ingredients to use in the dark arts, what tools you will need, and what boundaries are safe to cross.